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Gas Free Tank Cleaning

Experience Where It Counts


CMS has developed a number of specialized salvage tools and devices specifically designed to enable CMS to handle any salvage/wreck removal situation. Some of these items include heavy-lift “A” frame barges – capable of lifting items weighing hundreds of tons and “Pull” barges – capable of pulling items weighing hundreds of tons back into navigable water from dry land. CMS is fully equipped to handle hazardous material containment, oil spill response, slops, etc.

Dockside Demolition

Coral Marine Service's location makes dockside demolition a viable option for all demolition needs. We are located within 10 miles of EMR Southern Recycling adding to the convenience bare bone scrapping . Our trash disposable, equipment, and crew are available for your demolition needs. The following are photos of an in house demolition we are currently working on. We are taking our Jubilee Casino Barge down and converting it into a salvage barge. Please check back to periodically in order to see our progression!

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