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Who We Are..


Coral Marine Services has been a family owned and operated company since 1985. Located and headquartered in Amelia, Louisiana, Coral Marine services the Oil Field community as a proud member of the Maritime Industry. We specialize in Marine Salvage, Oil Spill Response, Marine Industrial Tank Cleaning, Coating, Gas Freeing, Cargo/Oil Rig Stacking and Towing Services.







Experience Where It Counts


Coral Marine Services, LLC. (CMS) has extensive knowledge and experience in marine salvage and wreck removal. We have been awarded numerous salvage/wreck removal contracts based on our ability to quickly mobilize specialized salvage equipment into position and our innovative responses to highly challenging salvage/wreck removal jobs.



CMS has developed a number of specialized salvage tools and devices specifically designed to enable CMS to handle any salvage/wreck removal situation. Some of these items include heavy-lift “A” frame barges – capable of lifting items weighing hundreds of tons and “Pull” barges – capable of pulling items weighing hundreds of tons back into navigable water from dry land. CMS is fully equipped to handle hazardous material containment, oil spill response, slops, etc.



CMS has conducted salvage/wreck removal operations on behalf of MARAD, USCG, FEMA, The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, barge owners, offshore oil companies, insurance companies and private owners. CMS mobilized and conducted numerous salvage/wreck removal operations in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. CMS removed barges, marine vessels and debris that posed a risk to navigation and posed an environmental threat in Louisiana at Venice, Empire, Buras, Port Fourchon and Grand Isle, Wagaman, Chalmette, Belle Chase, Beaumont, and Calcasieu Lake.



CMS is dedicated to the safety of both our employee’s and customers.

CMS stands by its Motto, ”Quality work, on time, safely”



CMS is dedicated to safety which is evident in our having lost no time due to accidents, incidents or damages. This record is recognized by our customers and contractors who have given us letters of recommendation.

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